Why Master Excel?

There is no denial that excel can work wonders for you. Excel is one of the most widely used applications in the business world today, and mastering such a tool can provide a good boost for your career. Take my example, When I started working in the corporate world, I started out as assistant manager in the planning department for Reliance Infrastructure. My major work was to handle Electrical packages for construction of one of the power plants. Basically to keep track of material and construction activities, and build reports for it, and the majority of my work was done in Excel. Now sometimes (which was very frequent towards the end of the project), for making reports, all the package owners were asked to provide information about their package status, like what is percentage progress, issues faced, cost incurred and all. With me, as I was good in Excel, my work used to be completed in 10-15 mins and I used to send my report within half an hour of the request, however other’s took 4-8 hours to provide the same information. You can guess the effect it had on seniors and management.
After coming to Canada, I had to start my career all over again. However, I got the job in the first interview I faced. In the interview, I told them about my excel knowledge and tools I have made in my previous company. This was a contract job. On my first day of the job, I saw that they were using regular copy-paste method to do some work, if continued in the same fashion it would take them at least one full day to build a daily report. That is one person full day salary going for generating a daily report, and I am sure that person won’t be very happy to do that job on daily basis. I told her some tricks to do the work faster, and the report was done in one hour. Later, after 2 days, I made a VBA code for it which did that same job in 5-10 mins. I created many more tools for the department. Guess what, I was made permanent within 8 months with a huge increment.
I have been always the go-to girl for Excel, in any place I have worked. And it feels very good to help people out. I can’t say that I know 100% of it, I am still learning and this learning process is what keeps us going on.

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