Importance of Microsoft Excel

 Mastering Microsoft Excel

As one of the most used computer software programs for businesses today, mastering Microsoft Excel is an important skill that workers should have. It is no wonder that companies and businesses demand that their staff learn Excel so that they can stay competitive.

Excel is vital to business

Looking at it from the employer’s point of view, especially for those in the field of information technology system, Microsoft Excel is an essential end-user computing tool that can help perform a wide range of tasks. From making some of the mundane tasks more bearable through automation, to everyday functional tasks. Microsoft Excel is also used as a decision-making support for employers.

It isn’t surprising how Excel has been dominating the spreadsheet product industry with a share of more than 90 percent. Thanks to clever programming, businesses have relied on Excel to improve the productivity level of employees. Apart from that, Excel can also be used outside the corporate world.

Key uses of Excel

For example, if you have a home office – you can use the program to calculate various costs, from sales tax to daily expenditures and more. Tracking your assets, income, debt and net worth can be done easier using Excel. Aside from the program’s obvious business uses, these personal uses tell us how flexible Excel is. There are a slew of tutorials on how to maximise the use of Excel to suit either business or personal uses.

Here are some more uses of Microsoft Excel:

Create graph and chart, import data from the web, data converter, data analysis and visualization tools, and a host of other purposes to support financial decision and business transaction for end users and business professionals.

Microsoft Excel is highly customizeable to perform a wide array of functions essential to your business. Some companies have made it mandatory for employees to undergo Excel training as a way to keep up with technology and increasingly demanding business world.

If you feel that your skill on Excel isn’t up to par – don’t get behind the times and consider taking Microsoft Excel training from Progressive Training your local training provider. As one of the most important tools in the workplace, investing in a training program will be beneficial for your career and your company or business.

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