About Us

About Us

At LogiqueTech Automation we have just one aim, that is, To help you work smarter.

We believe work should be creative and inspiring.

We believe in software taking over the dull work.

We can help you reduce the labor-intensive, repetitive reporting tasks like formatting, running and emailing reports by as much as 80%. We solve problems quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to you, your company and your working environment. Where possible, we will provide training so you can solve your own problems in future. We provide the most cost-effective solution to all those hours wasted when you reach the limit of your Excel knowledge.

Our mission is to eradicate tedious, redundant tasks and let macros do the grunt work. Our business is built around three core values; trust, efficiency, and success. It is absolutely vital that our service meets your expectations. Therefore, we would normally only ask for payment upon satisfactory completion of a project.

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Customer Review

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Angelica Lecon

"The Advanced Excel sheet has reduced my workload incredibly. LogiqueTech Team has not only created the sheet but also taught us the practical approach of making analytical reports. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who wants Excel support."

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Terri Quintialian

"Ms. Rimmy is a very knowledgeable person and goes out of her way to ensure that we understand the concepts clearly. She easily maintains the interest of her students in class. The best thing about her is that she would constantly tell every practical problem that may arise and its solution. I wish her all the best for her future."

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"I always had difficulty in using MS Office Applications, but now no more. I am glad that I am no more afraid of making presentations and analysis reports."

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