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Effort is important but knowing where to put effort is what makes all the difference. A Smart employee not only knows the basics of work & the software they use. They know how to

  • Do their work efficiently
  • Do most tedious & repetitive works in minutes
  • Use all resources to their optimum potential
  • They know how to work, what to work & when to work
  • Structure & Present their data so that it is easily understandable
  • Easily analyze data & reports

A Smart employee is a huge asset for any organization, no matter how big or small. A smart employee is equal to atleast 10 hard working employees


MS Excel

Excel is not just a data keeping too. If used to its full potential it can work wonders for you. Learn how to organize data, apply functions & formula, build charts & pivot tables.

MS Word

Learn Microsoft Word fundamentals; how to write, edit, and design documents, format text, use spell check, perform mail merges, track changes, and more. We can help you learn Microsoft Word on both Mac and PC systems.

MS PowerPoint

Learn Microsoft PowerPoint fundamentals. Improve the look of your slide decks and better engage your audience, by creating balance in your slides, formatting, working with photos and video, animating text and objects, and more. 

Basics of Computer

Learn the very basics of computer and its like working from point zero. Our goal is to give you a solid foundation. By studying them now, you will both save time later and also improve your daily computer productivity.

MS Office

On an average, a user just uses 10% of the features of Word, Excel and PowerPoint & Outlook. There are tons of features in MS Office that, if used, can save you lots of your precious time

MS Project

When planning and executing project plans, defaulting to using Excel could impede your progress. It could be worth learning Microsoft Project. It’s easier to learn because of its familiarity with other MS Office Products.

Why Us?

  • We Customize contents according to your requirement
  • Flexibility of options to complete training in your way. (E.g. Either 3 full days, 6 half days or 12 days of 2 hours training sessions.)
  • We have has over 10 years of industrial experience; we know the nitty-gritty of the practical problems that arises and their solutions.
  • We are new & so are our training methodologies. We don’t use old, out of form methods of training
  • Highly Interactive Sessions with tests at end of each session to check your learning
  • Study Manual provided to have reference even long after training
  • And top of all we are cost effective. Our rates are very competitive & transparent.

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