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Have you ever been in a condition where you are working on an Excel Sheet and you feel this can be done quickly but don't know how? You want to get some advice but don't know who to talk to. Many companies have in-house IT support but don’t have the bandwidth or properly trained IT personnel to support the many custom spreadsheets and applications designed to bring efficiency to daily operations. So when problems arise, staff must wait days, weeks and sometimes months for a fix. This, of course, leads to unnecessary downtime and a drastic drop in productivity.

With LogiqueTech Excel Support all of your employees will have an Excel Expert just a call away. Not only do you receive on-demand support for Excel spreadsheets and Office applications, you get on-site training, self-paced learning guides and live monthly workshops.

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Support Requests Examples

Formula Fixes
Report Automation
Excel Crashes
Charting & Graphing
VBA Error Remediation
File Bloats
Data Imports
Access Database Updates

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